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BlackRock: Fixed income ETPs drive Q2 global flows

George Geddes


Global ETPs received $113.9bn inflows in Q2 2019 taking year-to-date flows for the first six months of the year to $218.6bn, according to BlackRock’s Global ETP Landscape report.

The asset class that received the most cash was fixed income ETPs which collected $59.5b for the quarter. US equity was the next most popular with $29.5bn of inflows and then Japan equity with $12.2bn. European equity and APAC equity ETPs' net flows were negative for the period, with the regions losing $5.8bn and $2.0bn, respectively.

The benign interest rate backdrop, conservative corporate behaviour and favourable supply demand dynamics were the main factors for fixed income ETPs’ significant inflows for the quarter, according to BlackRock.

Among the near $60bn inflows fixed income ETPs received in Q2, US treasury bond ETPs pulled in $18.2bn, investment grade bonds received $16.8bn and multi-sector funds collected $14.2bn.

The $218.6bn YTD inflow means global ETP assets have surpassed the $5trn milestone and currently sits just above $5.6trn. Majority of said assets are in US-listed equity ETPs with $3.1trn which brings the region’s total assets to $3.9trn. European-listed ETPs have $917bn assets under management and Asia Pacific has $604bn.

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