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BlackRock launches US treasury bond ETF

George Geddes

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BlackRock has launched its iShares $ Treasury Bond UCITS ETF, listed on Euronext Amsterdam (GOVT) and Xetra (SNA2).

The ETF's objective is to reflect the returns of the ICE US Treasury Core Bond index with a base currency in US dollars.

It offers investors exposure to US government bonds with different maturities and has an expense ratio of 0.07%.

This comes 1 basis point more expensive than Invesco’s US Treasury Bond UCITS ETF (TRES) and 2 basis points higher than Amundi’s Prime US Treasury UCITS ETF (PRIT).

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TRES and PRIT launched earlier this year in January and March, respectively. Both have performed well since launching with TRES producing returns of 7.8% and PRIT producing an impressive 18.8%.

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