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Blossom ETFs blossom in Japan

David Tuckwell

Today's new ETF listings from around the world.


One lists Japanese ESG ETF

Tokyo-based One Asset Management, an arm of finance giant Mizuho Financial Group, is listing a new environmental and social governance ETF in Japan, One ESG ETF (1498). Besides having perhaps the shortest name of any ETF ever listed, 1498 will track the FTSE Blossom Japan Index.

The Blossom index starts with the FTSE Japan Index and then applies an ESG screen, and reweights Japanese large caps based on how much environmental and social good they do. The companies that make up each index - Blossom and FTSE Japan - are not terribly different. Both are still made up of familiar names like Toyota, Mitsubishi and Sony as their top constituents. They just have different weights.

One AM is not the first Japanese issuer to list an ETF tracking this index. As we reported in September, Daiwa AM listed its own fund tracking this index.


Source cross-lists midcap ETF into Italy

Source is cross-listing its STOXX Europe Mid 200 UCITS ETF (SDJMID) into Italy. As the fund's name suggests, SDJMID tracks companies that STOXX Europe Mid 200 Total Return Index, which puts together European midcap companies.

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