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Brand Value ETF launches

David Tuckwell

White-labeller Exponential ETFs has rolled out a new survey-based ETF that hunts "undervalued" US companies, where value is based on consumer perceptions of their brand.

The Brand Value ETF (BVAL:US) tracks the BrandTransact 50 Index, an index collated by Brandomentry, a research firm whose primary product is said index.

The index covers 50 American corporates that are assessed by survey as having stable and enduring brands and being undervalued relative to their brand's perceived value.

Exponential ETFs is also behind another survey ETF, the American Customer Satisfaction Core Alpha ETF (ACSI), which was launched last year.


For those unafraid of flying, US Global Jets ETF (E18G:GR) has been landed in Europe offering European investors exposure to the American airline industry.

A niche ETF, the smart beta fund tracks a wide range of companies in the airline sector. Large American passenger jets account for 70 percent of the fund's weight, with manufacturers like Boeing and travel companies like Allegiant constituting a smaller part.


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