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Caceis becomes ‘one-stop-shop’ ETF solutions provider with Ultumus partnership

Firm selects Ultumus as PCF solution provider

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Asset servicing bank Caceis has partnered with Ultumus to become a “one-stop-shop” ETF solutions provider.

Following the deal, Six-owned data provider Ultumus will become the portfolio composition file (PCF) solution provider for Caceis, helping facilitate the launch of new ETFs in a more efficient manner.

The firm said adding PCF capabilities, which make ETFs transparent and efficient to trade, will remove barriers to access the market for new entrants, as they will not be required to build their own in-house solutions.

Gilles Dubos, senior expert for ETF solutions at Caceis, said: “Our goal is to make it as efficient as possible for clients to access the ETF ecosystem, which led to our partnership with Ultumus.

“Its PCF format is already used by major ETF participants in the industry, which makes it an efficient plug-and-play solution and it strengthens our end-to-end ETF offering for clients.”

Bernie Thurston, CEO at Ultumus, added: “This is a continued focus for our business and Ultumus provides this service across multiple asset classes and different replication methodologies.

“We understand the importance of pricing accuracy and speed and have expanded the datasets associated with ETFs to facilitate this for the whole ETF eco-system.”

At end of 2021, Caceis launched its ETF Portal, a service that allows authorised participants to access the ETF primary market.

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