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China Post's Market Access will be cross-listing a yen version of its smart beta Japanese equity tracker into Switzerland. The Market Access iSTOXX MUTB Japan Quality 150 Index ETF (MAJQ) screens Japanese companies for quality, as measured by high profits, low debts and thick cash flows. A spokesperson for China Post said MAJQ is aimed at investors wanting to capitalise on Abenomics, the economic policies of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe which have bumped up the profits of Japan's biggest companies.

The product was the first rolled out by Market Access since it was acquired by the state-owned postal company from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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No bubble in ETFs: Vanguard boss

Vanguard boss Bill McNabb has rejected claims that ETFs are in a bubble. ETFs account for less than 15% of global equity market capitalisation and less than 5 per cent of daily trading volumes, he said.

Active management is here to stay

By 2020 assets under management globally are expected to grow 42% as baby boomers retire. According to a projection from PwC, passive management will reap the lion's share of this growth, doubling its AUM in three years. But active management will also grow by a projected 25%.

ETF providers will absorb research costs

Who should pay for the research that investment managers use when making decisions? The investor who benefits or the investment manager, who also benefits? Resolving this matters more than ever thanks to new rules regulators are set to introduce, which will force asset houses to be transparent about their fees.

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