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Credit Suisse's AxelaTrader leverages brent

David Tuckwell

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Credit Suisse lists two leveraged oil ETNs Credit Suisse has listed two new 3x leveraged oil ETNs under its AxelaTrader brand. UBRT and DBRT — short for up Brent and down Brent — will track the S&P GSCI Brent Crude Oil ER. With these listings, Credit Suisse join a growing group of issuers around the world that have responded to historically low energy prices by listing leveraged and inverse energy trackers. The past several weeks, inverse gas and oil trackers, such as those provided by Direxion, have been the best performing ETPs.

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McDonald's helps high dividends

Vanguard's high dividend ETF (VYM) has failed to outperform this year. But the dividends it has delivered owe largely to three companies: Boeing, McDonald's and AbbVie. Boeing's soaring share price has been driven by improved efficiency. McDonald's higher dividends owe to its upmarket rebranding with McCafe. And drugmaker AbbVie's high dividends owe to its autoimmune and cancer fighters.

Easing hurricanes make insurance ETFs great again

Insurance companies, oil refineries and construction companies were very worried. Back to back hurricanes were going to force them all to shoulder big losses. But then it didn't. Thanks to Hurricane Irma turning out to be weaker than expected, insurance companies and the ETFs that track them received a bounce.

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