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Electric car ETF, UBS buffs ETC offering

David Tuckwell

Today's new ETF listings from around the world


KraneShares lists electric cars tracker

China ETF specialist KraneShares is listing a new ETF that targets cars of the future - and not only in China. The KraneShares Future Vehicle Index ETF (KARS) will track companies that make electric vehicles and businesses that support them from all around the world.

According to the prospectus, KARS will invest directly in companies "engaged in the production of electric vehicles or their components." Companies that do not make electric cars themselves are also eligible, so long as they are in a related industry. These related industries include: hybrid cars, electric motorcycles, scooters, trams and/or buses, electric rail, lithium ion and/or lead acid batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, chemicals and other components used directly in the production of electric vehicle batteries.

Companies eligible for selection in the index can be of any size, and from rich or developing countries. They only need a market capitalization over $100 million; a minimum average daily trading volume of $1 million; and be traded on 90% of the eligible trading days. Companies chosen will be those regarded by the issuer as most involved in the sector. Companies chosen are weighted by market capitalisation.


UBS buffs up ETC offering

UBS is buffing up its commodities offering, rolling out a vast array of products in Switzerland that track Bloomberg's popular total return commodities indexes. These new products are:

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Wheat Subindex BCWHUU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Soybean Subindex BCSUUU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Cocoa Subindex BCCCUU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Coffee Subindex BCCFUU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Cotton Subindex BCCTUU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Soybean Meal Subindex BCSMUU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Soybean Oil Subindex BCSOUU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Lean Hogs Subindex BCLHUU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Live Cattle Subindex BCLCUU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Natural Gas Swiss Franc Hedged BCNGCU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Unleaded Gas Swiss Franc Hedged BCUGCU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Copper Swiss Franc Hedged BCCOCU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Aluminium Swiss Franc Hedged BCALCU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Nickel Swiss Franc Hedged BCNICU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Zinc Swiss Franc Hedged BCZICU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Lead Swiss Franc Hedged BCLECU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Silver Swiss Franc Hedged BCSICU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Platinum Swiss Franc Hedged BCPLCU

  • UBS ETC on Bloomberg Corn Subindex BCCNUU


Yuanta lists bond funds

Yuanta Securities, one of the largest ETF issuers in Taiwan, is listing three new bond ETFs that span the quality spectrum. They are:

  • Yuanta China Treasury + Policy Bank 3-5 Year Bond ETF (00721B)

  • Yuanta US Treasury 1-3 Year Bond ETF (00719B)

  • Yuanta US 20+ Year BBB Corporate Bond ETF (00720B)

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