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Elston launches Access Portfolios range via JustETF

Scott Longley

Self-directed investors have a late Christmas present from Elston Consulting - a free-to-use range of ETF portfolios for those who wish to put together their own investment strategies.

The Access Portfolios range of five model portfolios are available from, an investor-focused ETF research portal.

All the portfolios are constructed with ETFs available on the London Stock Exchange.

Henry Cobbe, head of research at Elston, said that ETFs are "just building blocks."

"ETF Portfolios are ideas," he added. "These research portfolios aim to make it easier for DIY investors to design and run their own portfolios: with greater diversification, more transparency and at lower cost."

Dominique Riedl, founder of, added that investing with ETFs was a "game-changer" for DIY investors who "want more for less."

The five model portfolios are as below:

  • 60/40 Global Reference Portfolio: a classic reference of global equities and global aggregate bonds built with just 2 ETFs with a TER of 0.19%

  • 40/60 Portfolio GBP: a classic lower-medium risk multi-asset portfolio for GBP based investors with a TER of 0.19%

  • 60/40 Portfolio GBP: a classic medium-higher risk multi-asset portfolio for GBP based investors with a TER of 0.20%

  • Monthly 60/40 Portfolio GBP: constructed using ETFs available for monthly dealing on major platforms with a TER of 0.19%

  • Ethical 50/50 Portfolio GBP: constructed using ethically screened ETFs with a TER of 0.31%

Elston Consulting provides ETF Research, ETF Portfolio and Indices to asset owners and asset managers.


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