Eres Gestion’s El Attar: ‘ETF issuers need to step up their game in fixed income’

Record inflows into fixed income ETFs in H1

Tom Eckett

Abdelhakim El Attar, multi-asset portfolio manager at Eres Gestion, has bemoaned the lack of granularity within the fixed income ETF space.

Speaking to ETF Stream at ETF Buyer: Europe, El Attar (pictured) said ETF issuers “need to step up their game” amid the ballooning demand for fixed income.

According to data from Morningstar, fixed income ETFs in Europe saw a record €31bn inflows in H1, ahead of the previous record of €30.6bn in 2019, as investors eyed the asset class following a spike in yields at the start of the year.

“From a portfolio construction perspective, where we find challenges is granularity in fixed income,” El Attar continued. “ETF issuers need to step up their game as they have the tools and the interest.

“It would particularly help us in the current market to build and adapt the fixed income bucket of our portfolios.”

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