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Etcho adds ETFs to sustainable investing platform

‘Many ESG ETFs lack impact credentials’

Jamie Gordon

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Sustainable investing comparison app Etcho has begun offering fund analysis starting with ETFs.

London-based Etcho does not engage in trading but acts as a companion tool for individual investors, providing insights such as the carbon footprint of their investment allocations versus everyday activities.

The currently free-to-use service uses the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a benchmark to help users find potential investments and see how they align with different sustainable goals.

Etcho also allows users to personalise information based on their convictions and whether they prioritise issues related to climate, health or gender.

Commenting on the introduction of ETFs to the app, co-founders Liall Medina and Charlie French said: “Many ETFs are labelled under 'ESG' but ultimately lack impact credentials.

“Investors deserve to learn more about the impact of an ETF rather than how it is labelled. We believe providing further clarity on investments will help investors make more conscious decisions with their money.

“For too long, the finance industry has used impact and ESG data as a tick-box exercise and what the world needs now is trusted, reliable and relatable impact data on investments.”

Etcho’s news is a sign of the continued proliferation of ETFs on investment apps, with Scalable Capital recently extending its service to Italian retail users and AJ Bell launching its Dodl platform in April.

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