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ETF dividend forecasting made cheaper

David Tuckwell

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ETF data company Ultumus and Woodseer Global, a dividend forecasting firm, are partnering up to make forecasting ETF payouts easier.

Under a new deal, Ultumus will use Woodseer’s data for 25,000 global stocks to forecast ETF dividend payments across virtually every global ETF.

Investment banks, asset managers, traders and fund service sectors all use dividend forecasting quite extensively. Yet there have been relatively few sources of data for forecasting ETF payouts, the company said.

“Other data companies will try to gouge you if you want ETF dividend forecasting. They’ll make you pay for ultra-premium licensing or won’t separate it out from a larger package, where they sell you other things you might not need or want,” said Bernie Thurston, boss of Ultumus.

“Working with Woodseer allows us to provide our clients with a reliable and comprehensive dividend data source which is fully integrated into our service offering.”

The dividend data forecasting will be built into Ultumus’s platform which already includes discrete dividend amounts, pay-dates, XDD and record dates.

Positive trials of the data service have been undertaken with a range of clients globally, Mr Thurston said.

Ed Dean, CRO, Woodseer Global commented: “In these times of accelerating change our tech-driven approach gives us a powerful and disruptive edge over the older, more traditional forecasting methodologies.”

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