ETF Ecosystem Unwrapped 2022: The good, the bad and the ugly of ETFs

Europe’s largest ETF event kicks off next Tuesday

Annie Tuckwell


Big challenges face both investors and the ETF industry in 2022. Despite unprecedented growth last year, the question of inflation looms large over the outlook for markets while the ETF industry is dealing with the Central Securities Depositary Regime (CSDR) which came into effect in February.

As we build up to this year’s ETF Ecosystem Unwrapped on 24-26 May, ETF Stream previews the good, the bad and the ugly of ETFs as well as what attendees should expect over the three days.

The good: ETFs in Europe are booming

Day 1 panel: The myths and risks of ETF investing  

The ETF market in Europe has exploded over the past decade and a huge arsenal of strategies is now available to investors. It is more important than ever to understand how each ETF fits within a portfolio, but how do you pick the right ETF to invest in every time? And what are the myths surrounding ETF investing?

During this panel discussion, Martijn Rozemuller, head of Europe at VanEck Europe, Canada Life Asset Management’s fund manager Jordan Sriharan, Irene Bauer, CIO of Algo-Chain, and Bloomberg Intelligence’s ETF analyst Athanasios Psarofagis will be answering these all-important questions. 

Day 2 panel: Lessons from Germany: The rise of retail 

The ETF industry has skyrocketed in Germany and retail investors are on the rise. BlackRock has forecasted that 20 million Germans will be making monthly contributions to ETF savings plans by 2026, a vast increase in a market that already has the biggest ETF share within Europe.

We will be exploring these exciting developments with James McManus, CIO at Nutmeg, and Simon Miller, head of international at Scalable Capital. They will be discussing the lessons to be learnt from this monumental growth, and how other countries are reacting to this runaway success.

The bad: No consolidated tape

Day 2 opening keynote: European Commission on consolidated tape and growth of ETFs in Europe

The European ETF industry has seen massive growth in the past few years. However, further growth has arguably been hindered by the lack of a consolidated tape within the European market.

During Day 2’s opening keynote, our speakers will delve into why the EU has not yet introduced a consolidated tape and the benefits this would bring to European capital markets, not just ETFs.

Tilman Lueder, head of securities at the European Commission, and Keshava Shastry, global head of capital markets at DWS, will be offering their invaluable insights.

The ugly: Inflation

Day 1 lunch workshop: Stagflation: A return to the 1970s?

Inflation is at its highest in 40 years and the US economy slowed down in the first quarter. Domestically, we have also seen soaring inflation figures fuelled by rising energy prices. But have we reached peak inflation in 2022, or do we need to brace ourselves for the future?

Joachim Klement, investment strategist and ESG specialist at Liberum, will be sitting down with ETF Stream founder and Financial Times columnist David Stevenson to discuss whether we are entering a period of stagflation during a Day 1 lunch workshop.

Day 1 closing keynote: Financial markets with Professor Robert Shiller 

With inflation on everyone’s minds, who better to hear from a man that needs no introduction; Professor Robert Shiller. Shiller will be rounding off Day 1 with a discussion on financial markets. His expertise is unparalleled; with his ground-breaking research, Shiller challenged the widely accepted view that markets are inherently rational and significantly influenced our understanding of inflation.

ETF Stream Ecosystem Unwrapped 2022 will be taking place at the Park Plaza Victoria in London on 24-26 May (Day 3 is invite-only). To register, click here.


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