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ETF Insider May 2024: Out now!

This issue focuses on emerging markets, an asset class where avoiding the losers can be just as challenging as picking the winners

Tom Eckett

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Getting more granular in emerging markets is an increasing focus for fund selectors as they navigate an asset class that is nuanced and ultimately, very different.

It has been a challenging environment for emerging markets since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) as investors turned to the US tech boom for returns.

The May 2024 issue of ETF Insider focuses on how fund selectors should approach emerging markets in the current market environment alongside the outlooks for China, India and Mexico, in particular.

Also inside are the usual segments such as ETF of the Month (p.13), Education Corner (p.12), Fund Fights (p.15) and Expert Investors, where ETF Stream interviews fund selectors on the role of ETFs within their asset allocation (p.11).

Read the headlines below:

  • Leader: Passive emerging markets: A wasted allocation? (p.32)

  • Mexico ETFs: Nearshoring and elections create ‘multi-year’ opportunity (p.7)

  • ETF Buyers Club: The hidden risks of synthetic ETFs (p.16)

  • The Patient Investor: The broken mechanism – the legacy of Daniel Kahneman (p.18)

  • Does India’s rising stock in emerging market ETFs threaten China’s dominance? (p.22)

  • Should investors allocate to China ETFs? (p.26)

  • Passive emerging markets: A wasted allocation? (p.32)

  • Innovation as an investable factor (p.40)

Sponsored content from AXA Investment Managers, DWS, JP Morgan Asset Management, Morningstar Indexes, SEI and State Street Global Advisors:

  • Looking beyond China in emerging markets (p.20)

  • Investing in India: Bridging the allocation gap (p.24)

  • Morningstar’s platform launch tightly aligns with evolving client proprieties (p.28)

  • Simplifying access to ETFs through dynamic currency hedging (p.30)

  • Navigating uncertain bond markets (p.36)

  • Beyond better beta (p.38)

ETF Insider is only available to professional investors and members of the ETF industry in Europe. To access the full issue of ETF Insider, click here.

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