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ETF issuers cannot compete with iShares inflows

George Geddes

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Europe’s ETF industry grew €25.3bn in June to €746.7bn, according Refinitiv’s monthly European ETF report.

One of the significant drivers for the month’s growth was BlackRock’s iShares which saw inflows of €4.5bn, the only issuer to get over the billion euro barrier. Far behind iShares was State Street’s SPDR and Vanguard which pulled in €800m and €500m, respectively.

Despite the European ETF industry's continued growth, the US remains significantly ahead with $3.98tn in assets (€3.6trn).

Unsurprisingly, six of iShares ETFs appeared in the top 10 largest inflows for the month, taking all top three positions. The fund with the largest inflows was the iShares Core € Bond UCITS ETF with $1.8bn, double that of the second most popular product which was the iShares € High Yield Corp Bond UCITS ETF.

The nearest competitor to iShares ETFs, in terms of inflows, was the Amundi ETF S&P 500 ETF in fourth with roughly €550m.

It seems that bond ETF issuers will be seeing the largest inflows for the foreseeable future as we see another month go by where fixed income dominates the asset classes.

Bond ETFs took in €6bn whereas equity funds saw outflows worth €3.5bn. Money market ETFs also rang popular with investors, pulling in €900m.

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