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ETF issuers no longer see ‘commercial opportunity’ overhyping sustainable targets

Asset managers turning ‘extremely cautious’ with their sustainable investment disclosures

Theo Andrew

ETF issuers are set to take a more cautious approach when calculating the sustainable investment disclosure of their ETFs, as regulators attempt to wrestle the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regime (SFDR) away from being a labelling practice.

In the first of a new webinar series, ETF Investigations, Hortense Bioy, global head of sustainability research at Morningstar, describes the legal and reputational risks facing asset managers.

Speakers in this webinar include:

  • Manuela Sperandeo, managing director, EMEA head of sustainable indexing, BlackRock

  • Hortense Bioy, global head of sustainability research, Morningstar

  • Sergey Dolomanov, partner, William Fry

ETF Investigations is a new webinar series from ETF Stream which examines the key issues facing ETF investors in Europe.

To watch a full replay of this webinar, click here.

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