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ETF Stream and Amundi publish ESG ETF report

Surveyed professional European investors on all aspects of the ESG ETF landscape

ETF Stream


ETF Stream and Amundi have published a report that delves into the dramatic rise of ESG ETFs over the past few years.

The report, titled ETF Scan: Investigating the rise of ESG, follows a six-month investigation into the ESG landscape in Europe including three surveys of professional investors and two webinars that took a deep dive into specific areas of the market; ETF issuer engagement and climate ETFs.

With inflows into ESG ETFs in Europe outpacing non-ESG ETFs for the first time in 2020, according to data from Amundi, the report assessed how investor views on ESG are changing and where the space is heading over the next five years.

Along with the results of the three surveys, the report took a deep dive into the importance of ETF issuer engagement and climate ETFs with two feature articles from Amundi’s global head of ETF, indexing and smart beta management Laurent Trottier and global head of product development and capital markets Matthieu Guignard.

Furthermore, ETF Stream interviewed three investors – Ilmarinen’s Juha Venäläinen, BNP Paribas Wealth Management’s Adrien Samuel-Lajeunesse and Nutmeg’s James McManus – to get a better understanding of why they incorporate ESG ETFs in their portfolios.

Fannie Wurtz, head of ETF, indexing and smart beta at Amundi commented: “I believe that ETFs have a key role to play in democratising ESG investing, redirecting capital for good, and empowering all investors to have an impact in a way that suits their needs and their goals. I hope you enjoy this report on ESG, and I invite you to join us as we lead the ESG transformation.”

Tom Eckett, editor at ETF Stream, added: “We hope this report will provide investors with original and thought-provoking insight into the ESG ETF landscape in Europe.

“What we have found is the space is only just getting started so I can say for certain that both ETF Stream and Amundi are delighted to be involved in this journey towards a more sustainable society.”

To download the full report, click here.

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