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ETF Stream and ETFbook announce strategic data partnership

Includes the launch of ETF Stream's new ETF screener tool

Tom Eckett

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ETF Stream has further enhanced its position as the leading ETF media brand in Europe by partnering with data and analytics platform ETFbook to provide leading data and analysis of the European ETF market.

This includes the creation of a new ETF data screener function on ETF Stream’s website which incorporates over 3,000 ETFs listed in Europe and their historical performance.

ETFbook will also provide data for ETF Insider, ETF Stream’s magazine for professional investors, as well as offer data support for its range of events including ETF Ecosystem Unwrapped 2023.

With ETFs in Europe growing to €1.3trn assets under management, the partnership will enable ETF Stream readers to make better-informed decisions when incorporating ETFs within their portfolios.

Sam Ridley, managing director of ETF Stream, commented: “We are very pleased to be partnering with ETFbook on this exciting new development that will now provide our readers with comprehensive ETF data for pan-European markets.

“The partnership came very naturally to us, given our like-for-like aspirations of becoming Europe’s go-to source for ETF information and data, respectively.” 

Pawel Janus, co-founder and head of analytics at ETFbook, said: “With ETFbook’s ongoing commitment to consolidate global ETF data and deliver it in an enriched and harmonised shape to a variety of market participants, we are very pleased to partner with ETF Stream to provide a view on European ETFs to the ever-growing audience of professional investors adopting ETFs.”

Founded in 2020, ETFbook is an information and analytics platform with a mission to deliver tools and data that will enable consumers to broaden the effective use of ETFs as a cost-effective product that can help diversify a portfolio and execute a range of strategic and tactical options.

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