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ETF Stream launches 30 Index

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ETF Stream is proud to announce the launch of the 30 Index, supported by Jobs in ETFs, which acknowledges the 30 most influential experts across the European ETF industry.

From ETF issuers to consultants, this index recognises the impact these individuals have had over the last two years.

The 30 most influential individuals from within the European ETF industry was calculated using a numerical methodology and then was subsequently submitted to an external panel of professional experts, who scored them.

This scoring system enabled us to reach a top 10 of the people from the list which have had the biggest impact on the industry.

These 30 individuals come from various companies including ETF issuers, index providers, law firms, consultancies, wealth managers, data providers, investment platforms and traders, but all share a common interest of developing the ETF market.

From what started as an idea between ETF Stream's editor-in-chief David Stevenson and Jobs in ETFs' CEO & founder Claud Mitrache, months of hard work went in to forming this index to celebrate the talented men and women making efforts to advance the ETF industry.

Mitrache commented: "It has become clear that, as much as any group of people can be, this is a very close community, a community that believes passionately that ETFs are better, fairer for investors.

"It is a passion that fuels the community to bigger achievements and exciting innovations year after year all with that end goal of making better outcomes for investors.

"There are hundreds of passionate men and women leading by example in ETFs and 30 Index only scratches the surface. Celebrating this 30 is just a start."

The names will be published on 14 June.

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