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ETF Stream publishes fixed income ETF report

Analyses five distinct areas of the fixed income market

ETF Stream


ETF Stream has published a report that examines the increasing demand for fixed income ETFs over the past few years, how ETF innovation is helping investors achieve more targeted outcomes and why the fixed income ESG space is developing rapidly but still has some way to go.

The report, entitled Fixed Income Unlocked: ETFs take centre stage, is series of articles from fixed income experts, ETF issuers and top journalists that look at key aspects of the fixed income ETF landscape.

With fixed income ETFs seeing €95.4bn inflows since the start of 2019 taking total assets under management to €271bn, according to data from Morningstar, the report’s release comes at a time of rising demand for ETFs offering access to the bond market.

Overall, it took a deep dive into five distinct areas of the market; ‘the new normal in fixed income’, ‘fixed income ETFs on the rise’, ‘emerging market debt’, ‘ETF innovation’ and ‘combining fixed income and ESG’.

Added to this, iShares by BlackRock focused on the bigger role for fixed income ETFs, Fidelity analysed how to generate uncorrelated alpha through active fixed income ETFs and Amundi’s Matthieu Guignard, who is speaking at ETF Stream's ETF Ecosystem Unwrapped event on 26 May, studied the growing importance of fixed income ESG ETFs.

Tom Eckett, editor at ETF Stream, commented: “The findings in this report highlight how the fixed income ETF landscape is thriving in Europe, however, there is some way to go from a both product development and adoption perspective before the market reaches full maturity.

“From ways to actively manage risks through ETFs to where further innovation is required and the increasing demand for fixed income ESG ETFs, we hope to provide investors with further understanding about the crucial aspects of the fixed income ETF market.”

To download the full report, click here.

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