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ETF Stream unveils Industry 30 2020

ETF Stream

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ETF Stream

is delighted to announce its second edition of the Industry 30, highlighting the 30 individuals that had the biggest impact on the European ETF ecosystem last year.

Supported by Jobs in ETFs, the Industry 30 reflects on the relentless efforts and achievements made by 30 individuals who ETF Stream believes have stood out from their peers and led in innovation and disruption.

The idea behind the Industry 30 began with a discussion between ETF Stream’s strategic adviser David Stevenson and Jobs in ETFs’ CEO and founder Claud Mitrache who wanted to give recognition back to the industry.

After many months of hard work and development on the first edition, the Industry 30 celebrates the achievements made over the past year in growing the ETF industry to what it is today.

Formerly named the 30 Index, ETF Stream decided to rebrand to better represent the coverage of all corners of the European ETF industry. This includes European ETF issuers, index providers, market makers, investors and authorised participants, to name a few.

This edition reflects on the monumental year the European ETF industry saw in 2019 and how the ecosystem came together in response to the coronavirus turmoil seen in 2020.

Sam Ridley, managing director at ETF Stream, commented: "We are proud to reveal the names in this year's Industry 30, formerly known as the 30 Index. The reason for this change was simple, we wanted to better represent the inclusion of the individuals coming from all corners of the European ETF ecosystem.

"The last 12 months saw some fantastic developments and progress made in the European ETF market and we are delighted to be able to highlight the individuals driving real change in our industry."

Mitrache added: "This year's edition of the Industry 30 looks back at the most recent sacrifices the talented men and women made to advance the ETF industry through passion and innovation.

"2020 was a year that the ETF hiring market has been roiled by a global pandemic in the second quarter compared to the year-ago period, but as lockdown restrictions in Europe are eased, hiring at major ETF issuers is showing signs of rebounding.

"There are hundreds of passionate men and women leading by example in the ETF community and the Industry 30 only scratches the surface. Celebrating these 30 is just a start!"

To find out which 30 individuals were selected and to view the full Industry 30 report, click here.

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