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ETFLogic launches ETF screener on ETF Stream

ETF screener powered by ETFLogic's Logicly

George Geddes

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ETF Stream has added a freemium version of ETFLogic’s data analytics platform Logicly to its website.

The ETF screener enables wealth managers, financial advisors and professional investors to study, analyse and compare ETFs listed across the globe.

Logicly’s features allow users to view net asset value performances, track asset flows, analyse ESG scores and view basket analytics across thousands of ETFs.

Users can also refine their searches by selecting specific strategies, exposures and asset classes to view a full breakdown of what ETFs are available and the exchanges they are listed on.

In addition to adding the ETF screener in its toolbar, ETF Stream has also embedded the tool within its articles when referring to specific ETFs.

Logicly enables the reader to study the ETF in a pop-up window access the ETF’s profile and characteristics such as total expense ratios, assets under management and trading statistics.

ETFLogic receives $4 million in seed funding from ETFS Capital

Sam Ridley, managing director at ETF Stream, said: “Investors in ETFs need to better understand the characteristics of funds in their portfolio or being considered, as not all funds are created equally.

"Rival screeners offer superficial features that do not fully allow investors to drill down into the details of a fund, unlike this ground-breaking new screener. We are proud to have been chosen by ETFLogic to launch it first in Europe and Logicly will ensure we remain the leading source of ETF news and analysis for European investors”

Emil Tarazi, CEO and co-founder of ETFLogic, said: “The Logicly screener by ETFLogic is one of the most advanced screeners on the market, providing the next level of transparency to the ETF ecosystem. We are extremely excited to launch Logicly via ETF Stream to help European professional investors and allocators streamline their ETF research and analytics workflows and make more effective investment decisions faster.

"The tool empowers users with screening capabilities on almost 9000 globally-listed ETFs and over 150 data points to measure risk, returns, flows, ESG and more.”

Users can sign up and use the promo: ETFSTREAM for seven days full access to Logicly.

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