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ETFs aren't blowing bubbles - News Roundup

David Tuckwell

ETFs aren't blowing bubbles

More and more research is being done on how - if at all - ETFs effect stock prices. But according to this study, the endeavour is a waste of time. It found that ETFs buying stocks does not correlate with rising market cap, meaning ETFs are not driving up stock prices or blowing bubbles.

Energy ETFs in a bear market

Low oil prices have meant that energy ETFs have been the worst performing ETFs this year. But that does not mean there is no opportunity for energy ETFs. Investors can still turn to shale-exposed ETFs, which can make the most of new shale technology. They can also get exposure to fracking.

The rise and rise of ETFs

ETF "managed portfolios" are heating up, having gained 18% more AUM in the second quarter. In America alone, managed portfolios now have $100bn assets in ETFs, found Morningstar. ETF managed portfolios are investment strategies that typically have more than 50% of portfolio assets invested in exchange-traded funds.


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