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ETFs go to Indonesia; Lyxor goes to London

David Tuckwell

Pinnacle hits up Indonesia; Lyxor cross-lists into London.

Indonesia's tiny ETF market is set to get two new products thanks to the Australian issuer Pinnacle Investments. The Pinnacle Core High Dividend ETF (XPDV) will focus on Indonesian stocks with high dividends while the Pinnacle Indonesia Large-Cap ETF (XPLC) goes after the largest capitalised businesses on the Indonesian Stock Exchange. Pinnacle is partnered with Jakarta-based Bank Central Asia, which will act as the funds' custodian.

Lyxor has cross-listed two bond ETFs into London that target riskier and sub-investment grade corporate bonds. The Lyxor BofAML $ Short Term High Yield Bond UCITS ETFs (HYST, STUB) track the BofA Merrill Lynch US High Yield Constrained Index, which is made up mostly of BB and B graded bonds issued in the US. The ETFs are synthetic and charge 30 basis points per annum. HYST and STUB are denominated in USD and GBP respectively.

Lyxor has also cross-listed its Lyxor UCITS ETF S&P 500 (SP5L) into London. The ETF synthetically tracks the S&P 500 Total Net Return Index and charges 15 basis points.


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