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ETFs in Asia get bigger and bigger

David Tuckwell

Fixed income and equity ETFs see huge inflows in Asia.

Assets invested in Asian (ex-Japan) exchange traded funds has hit a new record of $151 billion at the end of July 2017, beating the record set the month before.

Asian ETFs gathered $826 million in net new assets in July, according to a new report from research firm ETFGI.

There are now 1,096 ETFs in Asia, with total assets of $151 billion. There are a total of 120 ETF issuers on 17 exchanges.

"Political risks remain a focus for investors - the ability of the Trump administration to move forward on policy goals and hearings on Capitol Hill, Brexit negotiations, and North Korea is still an area of concern," said Deborah Fuhr, managing partner of ETFGI.

Equity and fixed income ETFs both saw net inflows while commodity ETFs saw outflows, perhaps reflecting market performance.

The biggest winner in Asia was Korea's Samsung, whose ETF issuing arm Kodex gathered $900 million in July alone. Runner up was Hong Kong Based CCB International with $769 million.


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