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Euronext launches space index in partnership with European Space Agency

The benchmark focuses on European space industry participants

Jamie Gordon


Euronext has launched an index tracking Europeanspacecompanies in partnership with the EuropeanSpaceAgency (ESA), European Commission (EC) and Promus Ventures.

The EuronextSpaceindex will be launched, developed and maintained by Euronext while other participants will perform an advisory role in their respective areas of expertise within thespacesector in Europe.

The benchmark captures upstream companies involved in the design, manufacture and deployment of software used by earth-based ground stations to communicate with off-planetspacecraft and hardware such as launch vehicles.

It also targets companies downstream in thespacevalue chain, including those providing communications, navigation and observation data.

Some of the index’s allocations include ASML, Infineon Technologies, Airbus, BAE Systems, Rolls Royce and small caps such as KleosSpaceand AAC ClydeSpace.

In a statement, Euronext said: “[The index] provides a benchmark and point of reference for management companies, enabling users to compare the performance of thespacesector to other indices such as the CAC 40 in France.

“It is intended to provide exposure to financial markets and increase the visibility of thespacesector andspacecompanies entering the public market. It is also intended to facilitate the participation of individuals less informed on thespacesector into public markets, thereby contributing to the growth of the valuation of the sector.”

The new index broadens the range of potential rules-basedspaceexposures available in Europe, after the HANetf ProcureSpaceUCITS ETF (YODA) launched in June 2021 and the VanEckSpaceInnovators UCITS ETF (JEDI) debuted a year later.

Last November, Euronext began an index range targeting gender balance in the workplace with eurozone and France gender equality benchmarks.

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