Expert Investors: 'Thematics are driving ETF growth in our portfolios'

Expert Investors is a series where ETF Stream interviews fund selectors on the role of ETFs within their asset allocation. In the hot seat this month is Kalinka Dyankova of Klienwort Hambros

Theo Andrew

Expert Investors Kalinka Dyankova

Kalinka Dyankova, senior fund analyst at Kleinwort Hambros, said thematic ETFs are able to achieve greater purity in a portfolio than active managers can with less mature themes.

Speaking at ETF Stream’s ETF Ecosystem Unwrapped 2023, Dyankova said active managers can struggle with nascent themes when they have not been able to build up a track record, with a rules-based ETF sometimes offering more purity.

This article first appeared in ETF Insider, ETF Stream's monthly ETF magazine for professional investors in Europe. To read the full article, click here.

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