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Finally - new ETFs in the Middle East

David Tuckwell

New Listings

Middle East

It's been some months since the Middle East got new ETFs. Today there are two - both in Israel.

Israel's largest issuer KSM has listed two new Index Linked Certificates - Israel's equivalent of ETFs (KSM6, KSMM205). Sadly, there is no English language material on the new listings and I do not speak Hebrew. Google Translate says the new KSMM205 will track the "MSCI World Magic Index". I suspect the translation is wrong.


Korea's ETF market grows larger every day.

Daishin Securities has listed two new industrial metals trackers in Korea, in a sign that Korean issuers are increasingly embracing commodity ETFs. 510003 will track Nickel through the S&P GSCI Nickel TR Index. 510002 will track Zinc through the S&P GSCI Zinc TR Index.

Korea's oldest bank, Shinhan Bank, has listed two new leveraged inverse ETFs for those who like to take a punt. 500027 will hope for tanking oil prices and tracks the DJCI 2X Inverse Crude Oil Index, giving double inverse exposure to oil futures. 500028 will hope for a failing Dow Jones Industrial Average, and will track the DJIA Futures 2X Inverse Daily Index TR.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, major Chinese investment house E Fund has teamed up with Taiwanese issuer Yuanta to list a 2x leveraged ETF on the Hang Seng Index (7242), which lists the biggest H shares.

News Wrap

What's going on with tech ETFs?

iShares and Morningstar have kicked of exponential tech ETFs - products that are meant to track tech companies projected to grow exponentially. Will it work long-run? Who knows. But for now, AUM is growing exponentially.

New records for Japanese ETFs

Total AUM stashed in Japanese ETFs climbed 27% to hit a new record in H1, finds ETFGI. Japanese issuers gaining the most were Nikko, Nomura and Daiwa - names little known outside Japan.

Gold ETP issuers see race to the bottom

Gold has dropped 7% the past 12 months. With interest rates threatening to rise, investors are worried it will drop further still. Investors are accordingly switching to the Gold ETPs that charge the lowest fees.

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