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First Trust and First Asset list smart beta ETFs

David Tuckwell

A daily update on new ETF listings from around the world.

First Trust has listed a new actively managed currency ETF in London. FTFX will invest in more than 20 currencies across developed and emerging markets. It aims to profit from interest rate differences in each currency (carry trade). The fund will be actively managed to help deal with currency volatilities.

Lyxor has listed another new infrastructure ETF, this time into London. MAKE tracks infrastructure companies in core Eurozone countries. Despite Brexit, the UK is included in the European index. Lyxor has also cross-listed its Donald Trump-inspired American infrastructure ETF into London (BILD). Infrastructure companies are likely to benefit from Trump's proposed stimulus.

Canadian issuer First Asset has listed an all-Canadian ETF in the US, giving American investors the option to put Canada first. FACCF is actively managed and tracks "core" Canadian equities. Stocks chosen are those which, "Cambridge Global Asset Management has the highest conviction" will do well, a factsheet for FACCF says.

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