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FTSE Russell completes initial China A-Shares inclusion following coronavirus delay

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FTSE Russell has completed phase one of including China A-Shares in its global equity benchmarks three months after staggering the final steps

due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The first phase, which was implemented across four tranches beginning in June 2019, was set to be completed in March however the index provider made the decision to split the final steps following the heightened volatility seen across global equity markets.

The phase one completion means China A-Shares make-up approximately 6% of the FTSE Emerging index, which is tracked by $140bn assets.

Some 1,051 large, medium and small-cap China A-Shares have now been added to the FTSE Emerging All Cap index over the past year.

Source: FTSE Russell

Waqas Samad (pictured), CEO of FTSE Russell and group director of information services at the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), commented: “We look forward to continuing to work with customers to provide benchmark and analytic solutions across both equity and fixed income investments in the future.”

ETF Insight: Political issues overshadow MSCI’s A-Shares inclusion

FTSE Russell, along with other major index providers, has been adding China A-Shares to its flagship indices following the reclassification of China A-Shares to secondary emerging market status in September 2018.

Last November, MSCI completed the final phase of its 20% partial inclusion of China A-Shares in its indices.

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