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Global X launches four China thematic ETFs

TERs of 0.68%

Tom Eckett

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Global X has expanded its European range with the launch of four China thematic ETFs.

The Global X China Clean Energy UCITS ETF (CCLN), the Global X China Electric Vehicle and Battery UCITS ETF (CAUT), the Global X China Cloud Computing UCITS ETF (CCLD) and the Global X China Biotech UCITS ETF (CBIO) are listed on SIX Swiss Exchange and Deutsche Boerse with total expense ratios (TERs) of 0.68%.

CCLN tracks the Solactive China Clean Energy v2 USD index which offers exposure to 20 companies set to benefit from the increased adoption of clean energy in China including solar, wind, nuclear and hydro energy.

The ETF incorporates companies across the clean energy value chain such as alternative power generation, electronic manufacturing equipment and utilities.

Tracking the Solactive China Electric Vehicle and Battery v2 USD index, CAUT offers exposure to 20 Chinese stocks set to benefit from the increasing adoption of electric vehicles.

This includes companies that produce electric vehicles, components such as lithium batteries, equipment for battery production and battery materials such as lithium and cobalt.

CCLD tracks the Solactive China Cloud Computing v2 USD index which consists of 30 Chinese companies active in cloud computing tech such as internet software and cloud services.

Finally, CBIO replicates the Solactive China Biotech v2 USD index which offers exposure to 29 companies involved in the development of biotech in China.

This includes companies whose main business is in the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of new drugs, therapies or vaccines using biological materials.

Chinese A-Shares that are accessible through the Stock Connect programme are eligible for inclusion as well as Hong Kong listings and China American Depositary Receipts (ADRs).

Global X has expanded its thematic ETF range significantly over the past few months. Last month, it launched four thematic ETFs including exposure to hydrogen, wind energy, food innovation and solar.

The four ETFs are:

  • Global X Solar UCITS ETF (RAYZ)

  • Global X AgTech & Food Innovation UCITS ETF (KROP)

  • Global X Hydrogen UCITS ETF (HYGN)

  • Global X Wind Energy UCITS ETF (WNDY)

Earlier this month, the firm entered the crypto ETP market with the launch of bitcoin and ethereum ETPs, the Global X Bitcoin ETN (BT0X) and the Global X Ether ETN (ET0X).

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