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HANetf launches debut fund

Scott Longley

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The co-chief executive of HANetf said that "now is when the hard work starts" after his independent white-label platform announced its debut ETF today.

Hector McNeil said the launch of the white-label platform's first fund, the EMQQ Emerging Markets and Ecommerce UCITS ETF, was a "clear milestone" and that from here on the company's focus would be on distribution and raising assets.

"Funds are hard to get going but you have to start somewhere and get the ball rolling," he said. "That's the power of our solution. You can turn up to HAN with a cheque and a good idea and we will do the rest."

McNeil suggested the company - which was formed late last year by himself and fellow former ETF Securities and Boost founder ETF founder Nik Bienkowski - had been in dialogue a number of potential clients up to this point, from small operations to big asset managers.

"We've had just under 200 enquiries and conversations and a fair few of those we have got to a detailed stage and the next stage is to get up and running," he said. "There is nothing quite like seeing the company in action and we have further launches coming. That will put our stall out there."

The new fund will list on October 5 on the London Stock Exchange. It seeks to provide exposure to an index of leading companies driving the growth of online consumption in the developing world.

To be included, companies must derive more than half their profits from ecommerce or internet activities, including search engines, online retailers, social networks, online video, online gaming, e-payment systems and online travel.

Unlike most emerging market indices the companies included do not need to be listed locally.

Kevin Carter, founder and chairman of the EMQQ index committee and chief executive at Big Tree Capital, said HANetf. was the "ideal partner for us or anyone else looking to enter the European ETF market."

"We believe that European investors will benefit from gaining pure exposure to the fast growing and innovative internet companies in emerging markets which we believe is the best way to access the growth of the digital consumers in this large and important part of the world."

McNeil said the EMQQ is an "ideal strategy" for the company's first launch, adding that US and Asian managers who haven't entered the European ETF market are a major target for HANetf.

"Prior to the advent of HANetf overseas US and Asian ETFs have struggled to enter Europe coherently mainly due to the added complexity of multiple exchanges and settlement systems, languages, currencies, local laws and many other things that don't exist in their home markets."

McNeil added that the launch also showed potential clients that white label proposition "can be done and all relatively painlessly."

HANetf has been building towards launch for some time and has made some significant hires in anticipation. In June, it hired Edoardo Passaretti as director of Italian ETF sales while in February it appointed David Patterson as director of UK and Ireland sales.


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