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Hang Seng launches China State-holding index

Tom Eckett

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Hang Seng Indexes has expanded its product offering with the launch of a China State-holding index and two currency hedged indices.

The Hang Seng China State-holding Enterprises index looks to reflect the performance of Hong Kong-listed securities that have Chinese government entities as their largest shareholder.

Stocks are selected using a multi0factor approach that takes into account financial quality, dividend yield and price volatility.

The index uses an adjusted free-float market-capitalisation-weighted methodology to avoid an overconcentration on large-cap stocks.

Hang Seng has also launched two currency hedged indices; the HIS EUR Daily Hedged index and the HSCEI EUR Daily index.

These indices enable investors to hedge Hong Kong dollars exposure when investing with euros in the Hang Seng index and the Hang Seng China Enterprises index.

The news comes two weeks after the firm launched a China A-Shares index, the Hang Seng China A Innovative Enterprises index.

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