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Helveteq launches ESG-conscious gold ETP

AUCO2 captures carbon-offset gold aligned with LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance

Jamie Gordon

Fine gold bar

ESG alternative assets specialist Helveteq has launched a gold exchange-traded product (ETP) which captures the precious metal from carbon-neutral and socially-conscious sources with strong governance.

The Swiss Green Gold ETP (AUCO2) is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange with a total expense ratio (TER) of 0.50%.

AUCO2 offers physically backed exposure to MKS PAMP Carbon Neutral Gold which is verified as CO2 neutral by climate consultancy Carbon Trust.

Emissions across the metal’s value chain are measured and subject to future reduction commitments. Existing emissions are counteracted by carbon offsets.

The gold underlying the ETP is also produced in keeping with LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance (RGG).

This means gold extraction is intended to meet “the highest ethical standards” for provenance, extraction methods and supply chain integrity.

RGG accredited refiners must also oppose corruption and bribery and encourage transparency in the governments of countries they operate in.

Helveteq added AUCO2 gold is stored in Raiffeisen Switzerland vaults and investors can perform physical redemption of their gold bars.

Jon Holguin, chief distribution officer of Helveteq, commented: “AUCO2 allows investors to gain sustainable gold exposure in the Swiss value chain.

“The combination of exchange trading, physical collateral and an ESG-focused issuer such as Helveteq opens a new opportunity for the global investment community.”

The firm’s new gold launch comes after CEO Christian Katz told ETF Stream the disregard for environmental factors is the “most troubling” part of crypto investing following the launch of the Helveteq Bitcoin Zero ETP (BTCO2) and Helveteq Ether Zero ETP (ETH20) last April.

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