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Horizons lists industry 4.0 ETF

David Tuckwell


Mirae Asset-owned Horizons ETF is listing a new technology ETF in Canada that targets companies driving "industry 4.0". Industry 4.0 is shorthand for the ongoing wave of technological disruption in which labourers operating machines get their jobs replaced by machines themselves. Meaning machines, in industry, are operated by other machines with minimal human oversight.

The Horizons Industry 4.0 Index ETF (FOUR) will track the Solactive Industry 4.0 Index. The index is built from companies that are involved in the "transformation of manufacturing and the industrial market through the development or implementation of new technologies and innovations," the index factsheet says. These include companies involved in cloud computing, advanced robotics, the 'internet of things' and augmented reality.

Index components are weighted equally. The index factsheet is here.

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