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In perhaps a world first, a "Holding Company ETF", comes to Korea

David Tuckwell

Today's new ETF listings from around the world


KBStar lists holding company ETF

Koomkin Banks' ETF issuer is listing a new product in Seoul, KB KBSTAR Holding Company ETF (283930), that I believe tracks holding companies. According to a Google Translate of the fund's investment summary, the fund will track the "WISE holding company theme index".

As is often the case with new Korean listings, there is very little English language material available at this early stage. If and when English language material becomes available, we will update this piece with more information about what a Holding Company ETF does.

Samsung lists US T-Bill tracker, with the Kospi 200 as well

Samsung is listing a new US ETF, the Samsung KODEX 200 US Treasury Notes Balanced ETF (284430). The fund will track the KOSPI 200 US Treasury Bond Index, which I cannot find a fact sheet for.

As with the KBStar listing, I cannot make much of what's going beyond the fund name and the index. I will update this as information becomes available.

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