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Indonesian ETF provider uses credit ratings to pick equities

David Tuckwell

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Indo Premier Investment Management, a Jakarta based asset manager responsible for Indonesia's first ever ETF, is listing a new ETF that uses credit ratings and ratings agencies to pick equities. The Premier ETF PEFINDO i-Grade (XIPI) will track the PEFINDO i-Grade index, made of Indonesian large caps, while leaving 20% of its assets open to investing in domestic money-market instruments.

The index selects companies using ratings from Pefindo, an Indonesian credit ratings body. Only companies that are regarded as creditworthy by Pefindo are eligible f0r index inclusion.

The index picks 30 Indonesian stocks are restricts the weight of any stock to a maximum of 20%. Going through the constituents in the index, the majority of them are banks, giving this ETF the appearance of an Indonesian financials ETF.

The fund charges a 1% annual fee.

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