Industry Updates

Indonesian ETFs from Pinnacle

David Tuckwell

Aussie firm Pinnacle Investments has launched a new ETF into Indonesia and remains the only Australia-based issuer to list an ETF across the Timor Sea.

The Pinnacle Indonesia Large-Cap ETF (IDX: XPLC) will track the largest Indonesian companies in Indonesia. Bank Central Asia, one of the largest banks in Indonesia, will be the custodian.

Indonesia has a small ETF market, with Pinnacle Investments and Indo Premier being the only two issuers.


VictoryShares has launched a US Multi-Factor Minimum Volatility ETF (VSMV:US), targeting American companies that have little-to-no volatility, such as McDonalds, Apple and Johnson & Johnson.

The fund will track a Nasdaq's Multi-Factor Minimum Volatility Index.


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