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Indxx launches thematic classification system

Categories will be based on macro and industry-specific analysis

Theo Andrew

Future themes for thematic ETFs

Indxx has launched a thematic industry classification system to categorise the global equity universe based on companies operating segments and revenue streams.

The Indxx Thematic Industry Classification System (ITICS) will classify almost 11,000 companies across 80 geographies using Indxx’s thematic data research and publicly available information such as annual and quarterly reports, press releases and analyst reports.

Indxx said the platform will provide users with two levels of classification, a broader category and a more granular category.

It said both categories will be based on macroeconomic and industry-specific analysis which will be revised “periodically” to capture new and emerging themes.

Vaibhav Agarwal, head of product development at Indxx, said: “Established data providers follow outdated and traditional classification systems which deprive investors of current thematic trends.

“We have developed a thematic taxonomy with dynamic categories and subcategories that can offer better market insights based on macroeconomic analysis and industry-specific trends.”

The index provider said the database will be built and maintained by its research experts.

Rahul Sen Sharma, president and co-CEO of Indxx, said: “Thematic investing has grown to over $800 billion globally as of 2022, and the potential for accurate and dependable classification systems to support decision-making in this area is significant.

“Keeping up with the latest developments and trends in thematic investing is crucial, we will help fulfil this need."


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