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Indxx unveils ‘basic needs’ index

Tom Eckett

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Indxx has launched a ‘basic needs’ index that offers exposure to companies that cater to the basic consumption needs of food, water and energy.

The Indxx Basic Needs index is a composite index comprised of Indxx’s Food 30 index, Water 30 index and Energy 30 index.

The launch comes amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has brought about serious societal challenges ranging from a health crisis to unemployment.

The firm said food, water and energy are the most essential resources for humans and scarcity of these resources is impacting traditional businesses.

Rahul Sen Sharma, managing partner at Indxx, commented: “Consumer behaviour changes drastically during difficult times, such as the ongoing crisis.

“During such times, consumers strategically focus their limited financial resources on essential needs.

“Even historically, it has been observed that consumers have prioritised fulfilling primary needs above everything else.

“This index provides exposure to companies that fulfil these three fundamental requirements: food, water and energy.”

Earlier this month, Indxx launched a flexible working index that tracks the performance of companies expected to encourage or benefit from the increasing adoption of telecommuting and remote working.

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