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Inflows into US ETFs in 2017 were greater than the GDP of Hungary

David Tuckwell

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The global ETF market continued to seduce new assets in November with €52.5bn of fresh cash entering ETFs over the month, data from Amundi has indicated. November's surge brings the yearly total to €554.4bn in new assets coming into ETFs, making 2017 on track to be the largest year ever.

Europe saw €91.1bn flock to its funds this year, with plain vanilla equity ETFs taking the lions share. But inflows were divided between equity markets, with US equity ETFs proving the most popular with Europeans, perhaps owing to the rampant bull run on Wall St. European ETFs were second most popular with Europeans, with Europe proper ETFs more popular than Eurozone trackers.

The US, as always, saw more inflows than anywhere else, with €16.9bn going into plain vanilla US ETFs in November. Since the start of the year, a massive €126.2bn has entered ETFs in the US - more than the GDP of Hungary.

Global ETFs were third most popular and saw a similar amount of new money to emerging markets:€1.1bn. Sector and smart beta ETFs saw similar levels of inflows at €1bn in November. The numbers may come as a cold shower to suggestions that the rise of smart beta would be a defining theme of 2017.

The losers in November were Germany-tracking ETFs, which saw -€305m walk out the door as well as small cap trackers, which lost -€213 million.

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