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IronMarket launches thematic ETF model portfolios via Fint Invest

Fint Invest is a digital wealth platform for retail investors

Tom Eckett

Fint Invest

Discretionary wealth manager IronMarket Wealth has launched a digital wealth platform, Fint Invest, that offers thematic ETF model portfolios to retail investors.

Fint Invest allows investors to buy model portfolios of ETFs via its app that are tilted to either climate change, disruptive technologies or eSports.

Each thematic portfolio invests in a basket of ETFs and has three risk buckets – low, medium and high – with each investor’s risk tolerance determined using Oxford Risk’s suitability assessment.

The model portfolios are managed by IronMarket Wealth and carry an annual flat fee of 1% which includes portfolio, platform and management costs.

The investment committee includes Algo-Chain co-founders Allan Lane and Irene Bauer alongside IronMarket Wealth managing partner and investment director Wes Wilkes who founded Fint Invest.

Wilkes (pictured left) told ETF Stream a key reason behind launching the app is to help the next generation invest more effectively.

“There are many execution-only trading apps available, however, investors are left on their own which can create many issues as highlighted by the meme stock craze during lockdown,” Wilkes said.

“Our discretionary permissions is a huge differentiator. We make sure we map a portfolio to an investor’s risk tolerance through our suitability questionnaire via Oxford Risk as well as our discretionary oversight.”

Investors can invest in a portfolio that has up to 20% exposure to either climate change, disruptive technologies or eSports, with their 'low', 'medium' or 'high' risk tolerance subsequently determined.

The model portfolios are 100% invested in ETFs which Wilkes said allow for efficient and cost-effective portfolio construction.

“I do not think this app would be possible if ETFs did not exist,” he added. “Tilting towards eSports, climate change or even disruptive technologies via the active management world would have been a difficult and long-winded process.

“The beauty of ETFs is there are a lot of them and as the industry continues to innovate, we can build an ETF portfolio quickly and cost-effectively.”

Karan Shanmugarajah, CEO of WealthKernel, which will power the portfolios, added: “Fint’s modern investing approach combined with WealthKernel’s core investing infrastructure gives young investors the tools they need to build wealth smartly while gaining a clear understanding of investment risks and exploring their risk appetite.”

Fint Invest is co-founded by Curtis (pictured centre) and AJ Pritchard (pictured right), who shot to fame on Love Island and Strictly Come Dancing, respectively, and are responsible for the marketing strategy.

Wilkes said they will play a key role in bringing sound investment ideas to the next generation of investors.

“They have amazing ideas and are genuinely invested in supporting the next generation on their investment journey,” Wilkes continued. “We have such an appetite to get the right level of investing education to that generation via partnerships with universities and schools.”


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