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Islamic robo-advisor Wahed lists Shariah compliant ETF

David Tuckwell

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Wahed Invest, New York-based Shariah compliant robo-advisor, is listing its first ETF. The Wahed FTSE USA Shariah ETF (HLAL) will track the FTSE USA Shariah Index. It starts with the universe of US large and mid-caps.

Companies that make alcohol, porn, tobacco, weapons and gambling devices, are immediately excluded. So are those that make non-halal food and non-Islamic financial products. HLAL then only buys companies that meet the following ratios:

  • Debt is less than 33.3% of total assets;

  • Cash and interest-bearing items are less than 33.3% of total assets;

  • Accounts receivable and cash are less than 50% of total assets; and

  • Total interest and non-compliant activities income should not exceed 5% of total revenue.

The fund charges 0.50%.

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