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Itiviti and Ultumus team up for ETF market makers

David Tuckwell

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Itiviti, the ETF market making software provider, has partnered up with Ultumus, the UK's top ETF data company, to provide better ETF data solutions.

ETF trading is growing exponentially as assets stashed in ETFs crossed the $5 trillion mark last year.

As ETF trading becomes more popular however competition is heating up among market makers and time to market is becoming more critical. This has led traders to focus on the best way to source, manage and support ETF data in order that they can trade most effectively.

The partnership brings together Itiviti's trading platform with Ultumus's data sets, which cover all aspects of ETF pricing and reference data.

"We are very pleased to be partnering with Itiviti to provide an ETF data set that offers the greatest granularity of data and client support," said Bernie Thurston boss of Ultumus.

"This partnership allows us to provide our service to a wider audience and provides a real choice to clients on who can service their ETF data needs."

Lee Griggs, President EMEA, Itiviti added:

"We are delighted to continue our commitment and strategic investment in the ETF space by offering the Ultumus data service in Tbricks.

"The ability to compare and validate data in real time before sending quotes, either when directly pricing ETFs or via proxy pricing, sets a new standard for the market. In order to further automate processes and meet the growing demands around ETF trading, market making and RFQ responding, it is crucial to confidently and accurately price ETFs with the latest and most reliable data."


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