Industry Updates

June 2017: the month of iShares

David Tuckwell

BlackRock is the winner of the US ETF market in June 2017, breaking further ahead of other issuers by total assets.

According to a new report by ETF data company Ultumus, iShares ETFs saw more inflows than any other issuer. In the month of June alone, iShares' ETF range mopped up more than $12bn in assets. And in an industry that continues to consolidate and expand, iShares has stayed at the head of the pack.

The iShares ETFs seeing the greatest inflows are still the plain vanilla ones ("delta one"), such as the MSCI EAFE ETF (IVV), Core S&P 500 ETF (EFA) and US Aggregate Bond ETF (AGG). These three products alone saw more than $2bn inflows each.

Of the top 10 ETFs by inflows in June, six of them were from iShares. Of the other four, State Street and Vanguard provided two each.


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