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Just 20 ETFs account for half total inflows - News Roundup

David Tuckwell

20 ETFs receive half of all inflows

While assets are moving into exchange traded funds en masse, they're only going into a few ETFs. According to new data, a mere 20 ETFs from the biggest issuers have hoover up more than half of all assets. The other issuers and more boutique ETFs are left fighting over the scraps.

Goldman retreats from trading ETFs

After performing poorly on its trading desks Goldman Sachs is retreating from its role as the lead market maker for ETFs. It will also serve as a major trader of far fewer ETFs.

Fake news: ETF-isation of the S&P

Media outlets falsely reported that ETFs have more than a third of US ownership of the S&P 500. While true that Vanguard alone holds more than 5 percent of every stock on the S&P, the majority of the stocks that Vanguard holds are not held in ETFs.

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