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Leverage Shares enters ETCs with quadruple launch

Two launches become the lowest-fee ETCs in their underlying asset

Jamie Gordon

Commodities table

Exchange-traded product (ETP) specialist Leverage Shares has unveiled four exchange-traded commodities (ETCs) tracking WTI and Brent crude oil, natural gas and copper as part of a string of launches.

The four ETCs are listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) with total expense ratios (TERs) of 0.35%.

The ETCs are:  

  • LS WTI Oil ETC (WTI) 

  • LS Brent Oil ETC (1BRN) 

  • LS Natural Gas ETC (NGLS) 

  • LS Copper ETC (CULS) 

The ETCs provide futures-backed one-to-one exposure to their underlying commodities and passively roll into front-month contracts.

NGLS and CULS represent the lowest-fee ETCs currently capturing natural gas and copper, respectively.

Oktay Kavrak, director of communication and strategy at Leverage Shares, said: “We are dedicated to facilitating investor access to a broad range of equities and asset classes.

“Our unique vantage point as a go-to issuer on LSE has helped us identify a demonstrated demand for competitively priced ETCs, which we are extremely excited to bring to market.”  

The product rollout also saw the firm launch short and leveraged ETPs capturing Arm Holdings and UBS on the LSE with a TER of 0.75%.

The ETPs are: 

  • Leverage Shares 3x Long ARM ETP Securities (ARM3) 

  • Leverage Shares -3x Short ARM ETP Securities (AR3S) 

  • Leverage Shares 3x Long UBS ETP Securities (UBS3) 

  • Leverage Shares -3x Short UBS ETP Securities (UB3S) 

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