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Leverage Shares expands stock tracker ETP range

The ETPs offer 1:1 exposure of US and Chinese stocks

Tom Eckett


Leverage Shares has expanded its range of stock tracker exchange-traded products (ETPs) with the launch of eight strategies.

The eight stock tracker ETPs are listed on the London Stock Exchange, Euronext Amsterdam and Paris and offer investors 1:1 exposure to US and Chinese stocks such as Airbnb, Baidu and NIO.

Physically replicated, the eight ETPs are available in sterling, US dollars and euros with a management fee of 0.15%.

The move follows the launch of nine stock tracker ETPs on 26 May that offer exposure to well known US and Canadian stocks such as Coinbase and Tesla.

The firm said the key advantage of investing in stock tracker ETPs instead of the stock itself is they trade at a far lower price of $5 per share which enables fractional dealing. Amazon, for example, currently has a share price of $3,383.

Oktay Kavrak, product strategy at Leverage Shares, commented: “With a total of 17 trackers, investors can get access to their favourite stocks in their preferred currency and during EU trading hours. Stocks like NIO, Baidu and have never been more accessible.”

Lida Eslami, head of business development, ETP and IOB at London Stock Exchange, added: “London continues to support innovation and choice in the ETP market, offering institutional and retail investors exposure to a wide range of products to suit their evolving investment strategies.”


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