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Leverage Shares targets Disney, Airbnb and Tesla with 21 short and leveraged ETPs

Leverage Shares has launched the most ETPs on the London Stock Exchange so far this year

Jamie Gordon

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Leverage Shares has launched 21 more short and leveraged exchange-traded products (ETPs), taking its total number of launches since March up to 67.

The suite of physically-backed ETPs are listed on the London Stock Exchange with total expense ratios (TER) of 0.75% for its -2x, -1x, 2x and 3x positions, and 0.15% for its 1x trackers.

Its new range offers leveraged and short exposures on popular companies including Airbnb, Disney,, Roku and Peloton, as well as a new -3x inverse instalment of its Tesla ETPs.

Having listed the most ETPs on the LSE so far this year, Leverage Shares’ new products are launching to target the rising role of individual investors with retail on-exchange volumes rising in Europe during the pandemic and investors’ margin balances now at an all-time high in the US.

The new ETPs will accompany the existing Leverage Shares roster, allowing investors to take high conviction positions without having to open a margin account. 

Oktay Kavrak, product strategist at Leverage Shares, said: “We are giving sophisticated traders additional instruments to include in their toolbox.  

“Experienced investors can express strong convictions though 3x ETPs or minimise downside risk by hedging with our inverse products.

Brian Rosenberg, chief revenue officer at Qontigo, added: “We see strong demand in the market for expressing high-conviction investment ideas, and these indices enable investors to do so in a way that is rules-based and transparent.

The 21 ETPs are:

  • Leverage Shares 3x Airbnb ETP (3ABE) 

  • Leverage Shares 3x Alibaba ETP (3BAB) 

  • Leverage Shares 3x AMD ETP (3AMD) 

  • Leverage Shares 3x Baidu ETP (3BID) 

  • Leverage Shares 3x Disney ETP (3DIS) 

  • Leverage Shares 3x ETP (3JD) 

  • Leverage Shares 3x Palantir ETP (3PLT) 

  • Leverage Shares 3x Plug Power ETP (3PLU) 

  • Leverage Shares 3x Peloton ETP (3PTO) 

  • Leverage Shares 3x Roku ETP (3ROK) 

  • Leverage Shares 3x Twitter ETP (3TWT) 

  • Leverage Shares 3x UBER ETP (3UBR) 

  • Leverage Shares -3x Short Tesla ETP (TSLQ) 

  • Leverage Shares -1x Short Airbnb ETP (SABN) 

  • Leverage Shares -1x Short Baidu ETP (SBIU) 

  • Leverage Shares -1x Short Disney ETP (SDIS) 

  • Leverage Shares -1x Short ETP (SJD) 

  • Leverage Shares -1x Short Palantir ETP (SPLR) 

  • Leverage Shares -1x Short Peloton ETP (SPTO) 

  • Leverage Shares -1x Short Plug Power ETP (SPLE) 

  • Leverage Shares -1x Short Roku ETP (SROE) 

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