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Lyxor has an ETF for Donald Trump

David Tuckwell

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Right in time for Donald Trump's big spend on infrastructure, Lyxor has listed a new ETF in Paris, which tracks American companies in the infrastructure sector. BUIL - as in the first four letters of 'build' ("we'll build a wall that Mexico will pay for") - is tied up mostly in the railroad, electricity and real estate sectors. The index uses an expanded definition of 'infrastructure', which includes services, data and energy.

ETF Securities has listed two new commodities ETFs into Germany. ETL7 tracks a diverse basket of 22 commodities - but mainly energy and metals - and is listed in euros. ETLG tracks 11 commodities, excluding livestock and agriculture, and limits total exposure to any one commodity at 30 percent.

Goldman Sachs has rolled out a new ETF that guns after high yield corporate bonds. GHYB tracks an index of North American corporate bonds with at least one year to maturity and rated BB+ by S&P. GHYB is part of Goldman's 'Access' series - a marketing term used for Goldman's multi-factor bond ETFs.

A score of iShares ETFs are on the winning side of a law suit against insurance company Genworth Financial. After a several year suit, Genworth has agreed to cough up $20 million to investors who claim Genworth concealed poor market conditions prior to launching in Australia.

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